Latest academic papers: flexiblity, stability and innovation in Australian federalism

It's academic conference season and I have two offerings, both co-authored with Professor Brian Galligan. 'Australia’s federal system: Flexibility, change and schooling' was presented in a panel titled ‘Beyond stability: flexibility and innovation in federal systems’ at the International Political Science Association World Congress in Madrid. The second, on which I'm the lead author, will be presented in Hobart at the Australian Political Studies Association's annual conference and is called 'Schooling federalism. Gonski, Williams and reform prospects'. My speaking notes are here. Refereed paper available upon request.

My whirlwind North American research and conference trip has started.

The highlight – a 4 month Visiting Scholar position at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York. It’s preceded by two weeks of presentations, workshops and meetings with federalism scholars in Toronto and Ottawa; and a week in Chicago where I’m presenting a paper at the Comparative and International Education Society’s 54th Annual Conference. Still to come – presentations at the Midwest Political Science Association’s Annual Conference, the Canadian Political Science Association’s Annual Conference and Teachers College’s seminar series.  These papers present my thesis findings on education policy and federalism, as well as my research on Australian multiculturalism and ethnic organisations.