What's next for Australian federalism?

With the scrapping of the White Paper on the Reform of the Federation, and the long list of conditions accompanying the Coalition and Labor's education policy, it's worth asking how we got here, and what might happen next.

The Mandarin recently explored these issues in a recent article by journalist David Donaldson.

If you're a serious federalism nut (like me), then come along to the People's Federation for the 21st Century conference in Brisbane 16-17 June. The conference will bring together academics, public officials and community stakeholders to discuss the changing government roles and responsibilities, improving intergovernmental collaboration, public engagement, policy reform and service delivery.

I'll be speaking on policy coherence and service delivery across the education continuum in Australia and answering any questions you might have. 

Early Bird registrations have now opened and will continue until May 20, 2016.